mug-shotI'm a postdoctoral research fellow in the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University. I am supported by a Consumer Reports fellowship.

I study the societal impacts of digital technologies, with an emphasis on data privacy, consumer protection, and the governance and accountability of data-driven systems.

I graduated with a PhD in computer science from Princeton University where I was a CITP graduate student fellow. My dissertation received the 2021 ACM SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award. I worked with Arvind Narayanan and Marshini Chetty.

Much of my recent focus has been on dark pattern user interfaces. I have studied how they manifest in e-commerce websites, political campaign emails, and social media. I have also traced their past and outlined where they might be heading in the future.

I recently participated in two public panels about dark patterns organized by Senator Warner's office and the Consumer Federation of America. The video recordings from those events are below.